The Invisible Addiction

Hey guys, welcome.

During my twenties I suffered from a crippling gambling addiction. It led to a myriad of problems; financial debt, relationship breakups and terrible mental health. For over 10 years I constantly lied to my friends and family, hiding my addiction in plain sight.

Early last year my local community lost a young man due to gambling related suicide. It had a devastating impact and, in his memory, it spurred me to release a podcast about my gambling addiction story. It was a nerve-wracking experience, but received lots of support and encouragement from friends, family and strangers across the world.

From there - and with the help of my brother - I started The Invisible Addiction Podcast & Vlog to raise awareness of gambling addiction and to highlight the harms of gambling to others.

The aim is to help people going through a similar experience and potentially help save lives.

Wishing you well.

Alex :)


Hi just listened to your latest podcast. I could relate so much to this. Thank u so much for what you are doing. This has helped me so much xx